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Join the fight in one of the best mobile hero shooters out there!
Spawn your favorite hero, mix your shooting skills, and be responsible for the outcome of the war in a variety of game modes: 1v1, Battle Royale, Deathmatch, Robot Wars, and thrilling story mode.

Mad Squad is a 3rd person hero shooter game similar to overwatch, valiant, h1z1, hyper scape, and brawl stars.
Are you a pro shooter player or fragile when it comes to shooting? You are responsible for the faith of battle. Raise your flag, throw some frags, crush your enemies and brag!


★ Realtime multiplayer - online real-time multiplayer shooter game!
★ Online & offline modes - play online matches or against AI
★ Amazing hero lineup - 15 unique heroes and counting
★ Unique abilities - each hero spawns with his unique ability such as shield, speed boost, gun boost, and many more...
★ Unique weapons each hero spawns with unique weapons and guns
★ PVP & PVE - various game modes: story campaign, battle royale, 1v1, Deathmatch, robot wars
★ Upgrade everything - over 80 power items and weapon upgrades
★ Battle companions - spawn drones, tanks, turrets ... to help you in the battle
★ Quick respawn don't wait to respawn because we made you quickly respawnable
★ Unreleased content unreleased heroes will be announced every season

Game modes:
★ Battle Royale - Battle Royal in mobile done right!
★ 1v1 - intense 1v1. mode where you can shoot and frag your opponents in l.o.l action!
★ Deathmatch - free for all battle arena. kill, die, respawn, repeat!
★ Robot Wars - battle your way against robots!


Playpax Games

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